Cécile Jabaudon, Operational Director of

10 years! The was established on a partnership. Without the others, it would not be the same. Our ambition and results were made possible thanks to the support of amazing partners who believed in the
Our founding members, Microsoft,, CIRB and Digitalcity;
Our Ministers and their team, who had the socio-economic development of the IT sector at heart;
People, both from the public and private sector, who made the creation of the possible, by dint of numerous exchanges and discussions;
Our Board Presidents who helped us stay on course and think big;
Our wonderful Board Members who infuse their ideas and expertise to launch new projects;
Innoviris and ICAB, members of the General Assembly, who support us and bring a new look at our activities;
Women and men part of the team: dedicated, always ready and always in a good mood.
Many thanks to all of you!

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