This program promises a comprehensive understanding of the possibilities of AI to non-technical profiles

This summer, we organise a program on artificial intelligence destined to help Brussels-based jobseekers  better grasp the business potential of AI through online and part-time classes and through coaching by AI experts from Reimagine. The goal is to give the participants a thorough understanding of the possibilities and professional use of AI, as well as provide them with an asset to add to their CV. Registrations for the program are currently ongoing and are free for jobseekers registered with Actiris. The program requires no prior knowledge of computer development.

Why such a program?

Artificial intelligence and its applications are rapidly transforming the world of work. Image recognition, chatbots, optimisation of commercial prospecting, predictive maintenance, reduction of energy consumption are only some of the many examples of the far-reaching possibilities the technology entails for myriad sectors and industries. Even though at its core, AI requires a certain level of technical expertise, understanding its business applications and getting a grasp on the high-level possibilities is essential for all business-oriented profiles.

This is exactly what aims to achieve with a 20-hour summer program on artificial intelligence. Through a series of online classes and coaching sessions, participants will combine key concepts and practices through concrete and interactive exercises. Ultimately, the participants end up with a thorough understanding of the possibilities of AI and its professional use, as well as a written certificate by The program is aimed at Brussels-based jobseekers registered with Actiris, for whom registration is free, but also at professionals interested in the matter. Their registration requires a low fee to the equivalent of around 6€ per hour. Participants require no prior knowledge in computer development but should have a basic understanding of business or organizational structures.

Lessons and coaching sessions

Over the course of August, the participants of the program will take part in collective sessions on Mondays on a certain subject in the context of AI. On Thursdays, there is semi-collective coaching in groups of three participants. In between the two sessions, participants will be asked to complete a series of exercises to reinforce learning by doing. Every week a specific topic is covered, such as a broad introduction to AI, machine and deep learning, natural language processing and computer visioning. At the end of the program, all participants who attended all the sessions and actively participated will receive a certificate by The training and coaching are performed by Xavier Denis and Toon Lybaert from the Brussels-based AI company Reimagine.

Excellent opportunity

The activities of are subdivided into three pillars: Innovation, Digitisation and Training. This summer program is part of the training initiatives of the public-private partnership. “We want people to understand that AI doesn’t only concern IT developers,” says Cécile Jabaudon, Operational Director of “Artificial intelligence plays a key role in the digital transformation companies and organizations are undergoing. Through their field expertise and knowledge of their sector, every professional can contribute to and benefit from the power of AI. Hence, we believe that everyone should have a broad notion of what AI covers and the use-cases it applies to. With this program we are able to provide just that. It’s an excellent opportunity for Brussels jobseekers and business professionals to get an edge in their future endeavors and a boost for their CVs. Bruxelles Formation is contributing to this training through a professional agreement that will support Brussels’ job seekers.

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