On March 19, 20 and 21, 2019, we organized a Hackathon in collaboration with .NET developers from Bruxelles Formation and the front-end developers from Cepegra. Like last year, we also involved business students from various Business Schools in Brussels to handle the presentations at the end of the event.

This edition’s challenges were submitted by 2 companies active in the IT ecosystem of Brussels : Satellit and OUAT! The participants could choose between :

  • Creating a chatbot to support the help desk from SatellIT
  • Develop a chatbot to answer a user’s questions about Ouat!’s platform Hakobio
  • Allow the use of Hakobio on mobile and not on desktop only as it’s currently the case

What we aim for, as organizers, is to give the participants the opportunity to experience project, team and time management while empowering existing companies with real challenges to tackle and processes to improve.

During two and a half days, the 5 teams worked relentlessly on the development of their challenge (all the teams opted for a challenge involving a chatbot) and their business presentations. At the end of day 3, each team showcased their work during a 10-minute pitch, followed by a 10-minute Q&A with the jury formed by Emilie Pinard (Product Owner @ Ouat!), Patrick De Geynst (CIO @ SatellIT), Nicolas Bauwens (Conseiller Pédagogique @ Bruxelles Formation), Cédric Michel (.NET dev & Scrum Master @ SatellIT) and Cécile Jabaudon (Operational Director @ MIC Brussels).

The jury elected the project Charlie as the great winner of the Hackathon. This team, formed by Sara & Benoît (front-end), Nicolas & Michael (back-end) and Guillaume & Frank (business), developed a chatbot for Ouat!. The project convinced the jury both with its neat graphic design, but also because it had the most required functionnalities implemented. Therefore, the jury decided to award them with the first place.

The members of the Charlie project won tickets for the BIFFF in addition to, like every other participants, power banks and T-shirts branded with the MIC Brussels logo to show everyone around how great we are! ?

If you want to submit your challenges for the next edition, you can always drop us a line and we’ll see if they match the participants’ expectations!

Read here an article written by Pierre Zhang, one of the business profiles who took part in the event!

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