Call for startups' projects!

Are you a Brussels-based startup willing to develop a prototype of your solution? Then read further…

Thanks to our partner Innoviris, we have the amazing opportunity to support 2 startups in their acceleration through our prototyping internship that will take place from February to May 2022. Submit your project before November, 7!

This program allows you to validate an idea or a project by collaborating with one student developer for 15 weeks. The intern will work on your Proof of Concept full time and s/he will receive extra coaching from our team of experts developers who will ensure that your project evolves accordingly to the scope defined before the start of the program.

To apply and get your chance to benefit from this opportunity, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Your startup is based in Brussels
  • It employs less than 15 employees
  • It has been created less than 5 years ago
  • The core technology should be Microsoft’s

The selection of the 2 startups will be based on the criteria below:

  • Potential of the startup
  • Complexity and feasibility of the submitted project
  • Interest of the project placed from a student’s perspective
  • Need for the IT support offered through the internship program

Interested in taking part in this program?

You don’t meet the criteria but still want collaborate with us? Get in touch to know more about the financial and technical requirements.

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