Ready to become a sales master? The MIC Brussels hosted a series of webinars with Philippe Szombat, founder of BrightBiz, to unveil crucial secrets to succeed in sales. If you missed the chance to join these webinars or if you want to go through the content again, it’s not too late. You can find the sessions below in VOD!

1. Hire the best salespeople

Hiring someone is not an easy task. But hiring a good salesperson is even more challenging! Learn how to prepare for an interview with sales candidates, to run an interview process, make a follow-up that keeps you on track and ensure a successful onboarding.

2. Fill in your agenda with qualitative prospect meetings

The growth of a company resides in 2 key elements: keeping the existing clients and acquiring new clients. Pick up the key principles to organize yourself better, gain the confidence of your clients and get an appointment with the decision-maker.

3. Sales negotiations

Negotiation with clients or prospects is not easy, but if you work on it, you can master sales negotiations. Learn how to better connect with your prospects, build strong foundations  for a business relationship. Analyse the needs of your clients, present your solutions with impact and put your deal in a strong position.

We had some very good questions at the end of the sessions. Play the Q&A videos to listen to them. If you need more information about BrightBiz’s Sales Training, coaching and Recruitment, don’t hesitate to contact BrightBiz.