How can you play your part on the road to sustainable IT?

The worldwide struggle to put a brake on climate change and save the environment is gaining momentum. But while digitalisation comes at the right time to help us face this huge challenge, information technology itself has a massive impact on the environment too. That’s why creating awareness around sustainable IT is now more important than ever. 

If you are a developer, you too can play a part. To help you become aware of the impact of digital on the environment and make the right choices to minimize the impact of your IT project as much as possible, my innovation now launches the first ever open training for sustainable development or ecodesign in Belgium. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and sign up now via the link below! 

Sustainable IT or ecodesign is about reducing or minimizing the impact on the environment from the design, manufacturing, use, management and disposal of information technology. Surely this involves hardware. On a yearly basis, over 160 million laptops are manufactured all over the world. But did you know that, in the EU alone, 160 thousand used laptops are thrown in the bin every day? Up to 70% of these devices could have perfectly been put to good use for a few more years. Instead, this e-waste leads to excessive resources consumption and pollution which accelerate climate change. 

But besides hardware, it’s often forgotten that software also impacts the environment. Therefore ecodesign needs also to be present in the development and management of software and IT platforms such as websites and applications. Did you know that data can have a significant impact on the environment, depending on its storage and access, as well its volume in exchanges? Even the technical components such as servers heavily affect the data footprint. 

Developers, why should you care? 

Why should I care, you say? Firstly, every development process starts somewhere. Even as soon as in the decision making process you have to be conscious about the possible impact of your project and how to minimize it. As a developer, together with the project leaders and IT architects, it’s up to you to make the right choices in terms of features and how sustainable they are. While the lines of code are but the last part of the influence you have, sustainability is the foundation of the things you do. 

Secondly, developers increasingly have more power to make decisions in terms of ecodesign. While sustainability is now higher on the agenda of businesses, industries and markets, developers can now more than ever put their own ideas and demands on the table. This means you are empowered to push sustainability in your IT projects. 

Don’t wait, act now! 

To help raise awareness of the challenges of ecodesign and especially to provide you with the keys to put ecodesign into practice on a daily basis, collaborates with Infogreen Factory, focused on harmonizing the organizational and technological requirements of IT systems and digital services with environmental and societal stakes. Together we invite you to the workshop “Ecoconception logicielle: mise en pratique pour un numérique plus responsable”, the first ever open and hands-on training for developers in Belgium on sustainable development.   

This unique 2-day workshop enables you to:   

  • Define the challenges and contexts of digital technology and why it is crucial to integrate an ecodesign approach
  • Understand why and how an ecodesign process makes it possible to reduce the impacts of digital technology on the environment
  • Acquire and put into practice the basic knowledge on the subject of sustainable IT, to reduce the ecological, economic and social footprint of information and communication technologies

If you have your first IT experience under your belt, either in the development of a website or application or through devops or integration, this training is for you! The workshop, which is presented in French, provides a unique opportunity to further hone your craft and will prove to be a real asset on your CV. It is your way of showing you realize your impact as a developer, now and in the future.  

Prior to the workshop we invite you, as well as PMs involved in any IT decision making process, to a free two-hour interactive introductory session that will demystify ecodesign, define sustainable IT and lay the groundwork before putting it into practice in the workshop. 

So don’t wait, act now and become one of the first developers to take the next step towards sustainable IT! 

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