The opportunities that the Prototyping Internship offers with Julie, former intern at the

Julie, you are an IT consultant, developer analyst (full stack, .NET and C#). Can you explain your educational and professional background to us? 

Generally speaking, I have a slightly different experience in the sense that in 2014 I underwent professional retraining towards IT development. I started by learning on my own, being self-taught. I subsequently consolidated my knowledge by doing an initial one-year training course in 2015 as a web developer which allowed me to gain initial experience, also as a graphic designer. This mixed profile allowed me to do a bit of everything, programming and installing servers to creating programs, back-end and front-end, including design. 

I thus gained professional experience before resuming my studies in 2017, first in management IT to not only broaden my skills, but also to obtain a bachelor’s degree giving me the right to the salary scale corresponding to the activity I was then carrying out and thus reassure my future employers. It was during my studies at the EPFC that I won the algorithmic programming competition in 2019. 

Tell us a bit about your experience with In what context did deal with our services? 

In 2020, Alexis came to present internships offered by at EPFC – that sounded interesting to me. My goal was to move towards the C# programming language so I was interested in working with Microsoft technologies. I had a technical interview1 which went well and so I joined the prototyping programme. When the internship started, there was a week of initial training2 and then coaching twice a week. We started face-to-face but with the coronavirus, everyone had to work remotely 

What did the internship bring you that is unique? 

This week of training and coaching that you can’t get elsewhere. I did other internships that went less well than this one. I think it’s also because of this coaching and supervision. 

During the training week that started the internship, it was very useful to acquire knowledge, in particular the Azure portal and React, Node and Angular. We are welcomed, we are introduced to the tools that there are, and then we are supervised. It’s nice because it’s a progressive way of working. 

The internship also helped me to prove myself, to show what I am capable of and to create a relationship of trust with my colleagues. 

So you had real support? 

Yes, that’s it, even if in the end I was quite independent on the projects but I appreciated being surrounded by people who can support us. It was a great atmosphere too. Obviously the prototype itself was very interesting because I created a Teams app for Neomytic, so I developed a school report card application (reports on results, comments, etc.).Then, in 2020, I successfully completed my studies with the highest distinction. Because I enjoyed the internship, I continued the adventure with Neomytic, the company where I did my internship and from which the programme coaches come. I continued to develop applications for Microsoft Education, but also more recently for the University of Liège. 

Any advice for those with a bachelor’s degree in computer science who may be hesitating to embark on the internship offered by 

It’s really worth it. It’s an interesting experience that allows you to learn with people who are already fulfilled professionals. We thus benefit a lot from the experience of others. In the end, it’s very positive. 

So you started working immediately after your internship? 

That’s right. Neomytic is a cooperative of self-employed people and I had plans to become self-employed. When I talked about it in the interview with Arnaud (the lead technical coach of the internship programme) he seemed interested in my profile. I did my internship project at Neomytic and it went well. Then we naturally continued to collaborate. My goal was really to become a consultant and now it has happened! 

I work with technologies such as C# and .NET for the server on a daily basis but also Sharepoint with rest APIs to modify and extract data and add it to lists. On the front-end side, there’s more React and JavaScript but also Redux and Dive-script. In one week I start another mission, so I’m continuing to learn. The internship experience was really a springboard for me, a restart in the professional world. 

A word for the 10th anniversary of 

Keep up the good work. It’s a great opportunity to gain experience and be introduced to technologies and the world of Microsoft. It is a great way in! 

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