Become a better developer!

Whether you are a student, junior or experienced developer, we have something for you: take a look at the technical and theoretical sessions below!

Prototyping Internship

We offer student developers from Brussels the possibility to find an end-of-Bachelor internship. After a technical test and a short interview with IT experts, the various profiles are selected to take part in our 15-week coached program and will work in innovative companies from Brussels (startups, SMEs and big structures).

Audience: student developers

IT Training Catalog

Together with Cronos, we have set up a series of workshops that can complete the training received through College or University. Have a look at the list hereunder and get in touch with us to schedule your session!

Workshop 'Numérique Responsable'

Your work as a developer has its own carbon footprint that adds up to the global CO2 emissions around the world. Our workshops on Green IT aims at helping you better understand how impactful your actions can be and how you can reduce it through code optimization, adequate project management or even based on the choice of your hardware and software.

Audience: student & professional developers

Hands-on sessions

Developer is one of those jobs that requires you to constantly learn and stay up to date with the latest trends in the field. That’s why we offer hands-on sessions to help you understand and experiment with the latest tech & programming languages (Big Data, IoT, AR/VR/XR, etc.)

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Audience: student & professional developers