The need for life-long learning

The gap between our skills and the digital needs of the labour market keeps growing. It is therefore crucial for job seekers and new workers to have an understanding of the possibilities of the digital shift to remain competitive!

Artificial Intelligence training for business profiles

Join our training on IA for non-technical people and get a better understanding of this technology: what it actually is and what it can enable in terms of business opportunities!

The training is composed of 2 modules:

  • Module 1: discovery of AI (key concepts, Machine & Deep learning, NLP, algorithms, etc.) and at-home exercices during collective and semi-collective sessions.
  • Module 2: putting AI into practice through the study of use cases.

E-learning course: Azure online

Follow Microsoft’s online learning path (MS-learning for Azure fundamentals) in 6 parts (+- 20 hours). On the menu: written & video tutorials and sandbox labs to experiment what you learned!

Additionally, you will have 5 sessions (90 minutes each) of Q&A to insure that you understood the content and spot potential bottlenecks / weaknesses in your learning.

This training is given in French.

Collaborative tools training

The goal of this training is to help you understand and leverage some of M365 services’ key functionalities, used in a majority of companies around the world.

Through 3 sessions of 2 hours each, you will mix theory and practice and develop your digital skills to improve your efficiency with Microsoft’s tools. A real ‘+’ on your CV!

This training is given in French.