Digitalize your processes!

Belgium is a land of SMEs – they account for around 70% of employment in the Belgian private sector – that’s why we support your digital transition! 

Take our Digital Quiz!

Take 5 minutes to answer our #DigitalQuiz and its 25 short questions and assess the digital maturity of your SME.

You will then get a detailed report with tips and tricks that will help you better define the next steps of your digitalization

Go further with your Digitalization!

Join us for a 1-day free collective coaching session and learn how digitalisation will help you through :

  • exchanges with other SMEs
  • a global overview of your SME’s priorities
  • a thorough analysis of your website to improve it
  • advice to better manage your relations with your clients and suppliers
  • improvement of your administrative, commercial and financial digital processes

Prototyping Internship​

Looking to develop your solution in a fast an efficient way? Take part in our 15-week internship and collaborate with the devs of tomorrow! The interns are pre-selected and attributed on the projects based on their knowledge and their aspirations.

It’s a great opportunity for structures (small and big) to prototype a solution in a short period of time and validate an idea while preparing the field to recruit their next IT talent!