Grow and reach scaleup levels!

You’ve turned your business idea into a product. You’re now heading towards a solid product-market fit and are ready to step up to scaleup levels.


The Amplitude+ program, led in collaboration with ICAB, gives you the support to do so. Our seasoned coaches will empower you to accelerate your venture towards a mature company ready to generate sustainable profits. This 18-month program will offer you : 

  • 3 stand-alone modules with gains at each phase 
  • 100+ hours of individual & collective coaching 
  • a mentoring through a board of experts 
  • a focus on your growth challenges 

Join the startups that benefited from our programs. Learn from their experiences and boost your growth!

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Prototyping Internship​

Looking to develop your solution in a fast an efficient way? Take part in our 15-week internship and collaborate with the devs of tomorrow! The interns are pre-selected and attributed on the projects based on their knowledge and their aspirations.

It’s a great opportunity for structures (small and big) to prototype a solution in a short period of time and validate an idea while preparing the field to recruit their next IT talent!