Learn more, learn better!

We support all developers and as a student, you are the future of the IT sector. The need for support is even stronger for you, so take a look to how we can help you improve as a student dev!

Prototyping Internship

We offer student developers from Brussels the possibility to find an end-of-Bachelor internship. After a technical test and a short interview with IT experts, the various profiles are selected to take part in our 15-week coached program and will work in innovative companies from Brussels (startups, SMEs and big structures).

Hands-on sessions

Developer is one of those jobs that requires you to constantly learn and stay up to date with the latest trends in the field. That’s why we offer hands-on sessions to help you understand and experiment with the latest tech & programming languages (Big Data, IoT, AR/VR/XR, etc.)

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Artificial Intelligence training for non-tech students

Student associations representatives, get it touch now! We support non-technical students who wish to explore the business opportunities that AI can offer. Together, with the support of experts in AI, we’ll set up a 4-session training on a topic relevant to your field of study that will :

  • Cover the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence
  • Help you set up an actual project using AI
  • Support you in determining the convenient us of the technology regarding the specific field
  • Engage you to be the most serious and professional with an end-of-training pitch session in front of a jury of experts.