Go further with your teaching!

We support teachers in their hard work of educating the next generation. When it comes to IT, plenty of tools and trainings are available to allow teacher to expand their teaching!

Microsoft Education

Discover the various free sessions offered by Sébastien Place, Modern Classroom Expert at Microsoft Belgique. There are many events, webinars and tutorials that you can book to leverage his knowledge and go deeper into technology for your students!

Prototyping Internship

We offer student developers from Brussels the possibility to find an end-of-Bachelor internship. After a technical test and a short interview with IT experts, the various profiles are selected to take part in our 15-week program and will work alone or in teams of 2 or 3 on innovative projects in established companies from Brussels (startups, SMEs and big structures).

You are a teacher and want to set up internships for your students? Get in touch with us!

IT Training Catalog

Together with Cronos, we have set up a series of workshops that can complete the training you offer to your students to help them become better developers. Have a look at the list hereunder and get in touch with us to schedule your session!