These tests are reserved to Bachelor 3 student developers from Brussels only.

You can only register to one test session, so pick wisely! These tests will help us assess your technical skills and your motivation to see if you can be matched with one of our participating companies.

These are 4-hour sessions split as follows :

  • Welcome and introduction to the problematic – 5 min
  • Making of a prototype (not finalized) expressing the solution – 3h
  • Individual interview and feedback with a coach – 15 min

You can use the programming languages and development environment of your choice to develop the solution. During the internship, the projects will be focused on – but not limited to – Microsoft technologies.

Please come with you own device (OS and dev environment up-to-date to avoid heavy downloads on the D-day) + 2 printed copies of your CV.

For any question, get in touch at

Register to a test here !

Test 1 – 4th October, 9h-12h30

Test 2 – 4th October, 13h-16h30

Test 3 – 8th October, 9h-12h30

Test 4 – 8th October, 13h-16h30

Test 5 – 20th October, 9h-12h30

Test 6 – 20th October, 13h-16h30

Test 7 – 29th October, 9h-12h30

Test 8 – 29th October, 13h-16h30

Test 9 – 10th November, 9h-12h30

Test 10 – 10th November, 13h-16h30