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The objective of this program is to support student developers’ learning path while boosting the companies’ businesses through the development of a Prototype or Proof of Concept. The program lasts for 15 weeks, from February to May. The students and the companies’ projects are screened and selected and the projects are followed-up by a team of expert coaches.

How does the selection process work?

We collaborate with all the IT schools in Brussels to find the best student profiles out there. Interested students can register to a test session where we assess both their technical skills as well as their mindset and motivation. This way, we insure that they have the required level and attitude to work on a 3-month project.

In parallel, we also assess interested companies’ projects through a technical screening to make sure the project is interesting from a student’s point of view. We also insure that the scope is defined and that it’s feasible for Bachelor 3 IT students.

Once we have validated both the projects and the students, we proceed to a matchmaking based on the projects’ needs and the student’s expectations. Therefore, students can work alone or in group of 2 or 3, depending on the project’s size and complexity.

What’s so special about the internship?

The big difference lies in the structure of our internship program. Indeed, our students are rigorously followed-up through the duration of their internship. They spend 3 days a week in your company, where they learn how a professional environment works, and 2 days in our offices where they receive extra coaching and workshops from our team experts. This is an added value that companies can leverage by proxy since it guarantees a top-notch understanding of the company’s needs in relation to technical tools as well as the ideal project management. ​

Finally, this long-term collaboration is a great opportunity for the companies to recruit new IT talents. Since they see the students work on a weekly basis, they can define whether or not they match the companies’ values and vision. 

Who submits the project?

Startups, SMEs & companies from Brussels with an IT project. There are only 2 requirements to submit a project:

  • the core technology is Microsoft-based
  • the structure submitting is based in Brussels and legally established.

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