Innovation is more than just a buzzword. We use it because it triggers economic growth!

Innovation comes in various forms: increasing the efficiency of an existing solution, finding a new use of a product, improving its accessibility or developing a brand-new technology. What these innovations have in common is their effect on the economy, creating job opportunities and increasing the necessity of trainings and lifelong learning.

90% of jobs will request some level of digital skill. Each of us and every company is affected by this trend but should consider these figures not as a threat but as an opportunity. In the ICT sector, there will be 756000 unfilled jobs for ICT professionals in Europe by next year. We need to anticipate, and make sure people are trained in time. If not, by the time students and workers know how to use a new technology, it will already be obsolete. The recent European Innovation Scoreboard shows that Brussels has moved up to the title of Innovation Leader, having increased its innovation performance by 13,5% over the last eight years.

We can do more, we can improve!

At, we want to inspire you, showcase what has been done, but also what could be done. Under the hashtag #TheFutureLivesinBrussels we’ve invited people to talk about tech, entrepreneurship, lifelong learning and innovation. If you want to share your expertise on a specific topic related to tech, get in touch with us and let’s see how we can collaborate!

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