Make artificial intelligence your new professional asset!

Next edition in March

Image recognition, chatbots, optimizing commercial prospecting, predictive maintenance, reducing energy consumption… artificial intelligence impacts all sectors!

Since 2020, offers two training modules in artificial intelligence, intended for French-speaking business profiles. These online and part-time training courses are free for jobseekers registered with Actiris, VDAB or Forem. The courses are all taught in French and do not include IT development but a business approach to AI.

These 4-week modules are organized in 8 sessions only, to help you to quickly acquire AI skills:

    • 1 collective theoretical session of 2h30 every week
    • 1 semi-collective practical session of 45 minutes every week 
    • Additional exercises to do at home

Niveau 1 - Introduction aux concepts-clés de l'IA

Du lundi 07/03 au jeudi 31/03

Niveau 2 - Mise en pratique d'un cas concret d'IA

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These training programs are carried out in collaboration with: